Life. It’s health. It’s reproduction. Calving, farrowing, laying, hatching. It’s milk.
It’s growth. It’s animals feeding the hands that feed them.

Jefo is a circle of life.


Our 10-point commitment

LIFE, MADE EASIER  is nutrition delivered as it should be, through vitamins, minerals, yeasts, and organic acids. It’s better balance, better metabolism. It’s just a little more comfort.



LIFE, MADE EASIER  is a promise of health solutions that are easy to administer. Right in the feed, as it should be. Without fuss or pain or risk to the animals. It’s a promise that with better nutrition, animals are more comfortable, easier to raise. That each stage of life is just a little less complicated, with a lower risk of disease, weight loss and mortality due to stress and malnutrition. It’s just a little more peace of mind.



LIFE, MADE EASIER  is a promise that Jefo is constantly searching for solutions to animal nutrition challenges, offering a full range of products and programs to satisfy the needs of the different life stages of each species. It’s a lot more confidence and a true partnership.



LIFE, MADE EASIER  is a promise of excellent service and expert technical support. It’s a promise that doing business with Jefo is easy, with immediate response and efficient communication. It’s an entire solutions-oriented team at your service.

LIFE, MADE EASIER  means programs and solutions for real-life situations, for different life stages and challenges.



LIFE, MADE EASIER  with Science. Through its applied scientific research, Jefo continues to innovate and develop additives that take into account the genetic make-up, physiology and metabolism of each species, as well as the varying requirements of the market: Jefo Matrix Technology for safe and targeted delivery of active compounds and nutrients, enzymes for improved feed conversion and increased body weight and liquids for optimal animal performance.



LIFE, MADE EASIER   is about timely technical support and practical advice worldwide. It’s experienced, dependable and friendly professionals at your service




LIFE, MADE EASIER  means healthy animals feeding the hands that feed them. This is the circle of life. This is what sustains us. This is Jefo.






Life, made easier is about health and growth. Production and reproduction. Helpful answers and effective solutions.


Life, made easier is better nutrition. Better metabolism. With additives, enzymes and 160 other essentials delivered right in the feed. With a full guarantee of efficacy.


Life, made easier means our own Jefo Matrix Technology. Species-specific formulations with active ingredients embedded in triglycerides for targeted, progressive release. All shielded against mechanical or environmental damage.


Life, made easier means more certainty, more serenity. All due to different methodology. Making each stage of the animal’s life more comfortable. And that means a lot more productive.


Life, made easier is about producers and specialists who seek effective technology. And solutions that are simpler to administer, safer for both animals and humans.











Life, made easier means innovation and development. A total range of proven products. With complete synergistic programs for every life stage. And dozens of information capsules which provide explanations and solutions.


Life, made easier is about internal tests in our own cages and pens at our own advanced facility. And credible external research with universities, commercial herds and fisheries worldwide.


Life, made easier is about global service. Rapid response for technical support and practical advice in 57 countries. From people who are capable, accountable and friendly.


Life, made easier is a promise to keep advancing. To keep searching for ever better solutions to animal nutrition challenges.


Life, made easier means healthy animals feeding the hands that feed them. This is the circle of life. And this is what sustains us.