What is the Jefo story? What set things in motion? A brilliant idea? A lucky encounter? A desire? An emotion? A passion? Was it something more complicated – a combination of all these elements and moments that made the Jefo dream a reality?


Jefo was founded in 1982, when a man saw an opportunity to benefit local producers. Starting out as a distributor, the company grew and soon offered its own product line, backed by its own expertise and vision.


In due course, laborious beginnings paved the way for exponential growth. Today, Jefo is part of the big leagues of the feed additives industry.


Without losing sight of its roots, Jefo continues to build on the foundations that have led to its success: strong relationships, risk-taking, hard work, and knowledge. Originating with one man, Jean Fontaine, the Jefo spirit is now carried forward by all its employees, distributors and customers. Jefo is not only a quality brand, it is also an extended community.