In 1995, a group of well-known members of Quebec’s agricultural industry—Réal Laflamme, Michel St-Pierre, Guy Bienvenue and Claude Deslandes — created the Groupe des amis des affaires agricoles (the friends of agricultural business) to create ties and provide opportunities for the agricultural community to come together.


The annual golf tournament to celebrate agricultural relations became increasingly popular over the years. Nicolas Jobin of Groupe Vision Gestion took over this activity in 2011. The tournament’s proceeds were given in support of a cause each year. While a number of causes were suggested, supporting the development of agricultural knowledge has always taken priority.




Jean Fontaine and his companies, in partnership with the Golf des amis des affaires agricoles, decided to create the Jefo Foundation to raise awareness about agriculture at all levels of academic development and to promote pride in agriculture’s considerable contribution to society. The public is not generally aware of the ins and outs of agriculture, a situation the Jefo Foundation plans to change by raising awareness of the agricultural professions.

As its contribution to past, present and future agriculture, the Jefo Foundation will spread the word about agriculture to demystify the field. Its goal is for the value of agriculture to be fully recognized so that society can learn about its prospects.


The Jefo Foundation’s mission is to support the academic and social development of the next generation of agricultural professionals by contributing financially to the industry’s educational and social spheres, as well as integrating agriculture into the local and international professional network.


Jefo supports all those who invest their time and effort into providing an abundant supply of quality food for this generation and those to come!



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