Jefo is committed to fulfilling its clients’ needs and ensuring their satisfaction. We offer a full range of transportation and warehousing services to complement the production of our non-medicated performance feed additives: namely, the rental of bulk warehousing space, refrigerated storage for specialized products, and general storage space for the agro-food industry.


We have increased our warehousing capacity to 177,000 square feet (16,444 square metres) to meet our clients’ growing needs. With more than 4,500 metric tonnes of specialized products, our warehousing facilities allow for a continuous turnaround of inventory thus ensuring product freshness and quality.


Situated in Saint-Hyacinthe, in the heart of Québec’s agri-food technology park, Jefo is ideally located to warehouse products for your particular market.




5020, avenue Jefo, C.P. 325

Saint-Hyacinthe (Quebec)

J2S 7B6

450 799-2000

1 800 465-2247

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